Bounce back & thrive not survive!

Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted?  Have you lost all joy in your life? Are your asking yourself, what is work life balance?

Did you know that 80% of GP visits are related to stress.  Prolonged stress can have serious implications for your overall health.

The time to take back control is now!

‘I've found great benefit in working with Margot....great techniques to deal with issues going forward....feel confident in assisting my team members too now’. James O'Shaughnessy, General Manager, Mayo University Hospital.

One power hour with Margot or four deep sessions? You choose what YOU need!

1 Power Hour Session €139
4 Deep 1 Hour Sessions €499

So how does a 1:1 with me work?

  • Firstly, you are in the driving seat.  The answers are within you and I merely support you to steer the ship in the direction of where you want to go. Finding the solutions yourself creates more buyin and empowerment on your part.
  • My approach is unique as the coaching component includes lots of tips and tools you can immediately use to begin changing the course of your life immediately.
  • You will be asked to trust and commit to the process which will include exercises and reflections for you to work on after each session.
  • Having an accountability buddy as a coach results in a much higher chance of success.
  • These sessions are NOT therapy but can coexist alongside therapy sessions. Unlike therapy I'm here to guide you forward, taking future oriented action.
  • At times, these sessions WILL be uncomfortable. You can't have personal growth without discomfort. Be prepared.
  • It is a confidential space and I follow the ethical practices of EMCC of which I am accredited.
  • This work will be the most important and rewarding work you do for yourself in your entire life and the ripple effect in all areas of your life will be massive. What are you waiting for? Go book your sessions...

What do YOU need right now?

1 Power Hour Session €149
4 Deep 1 Hour Sessions €550

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The Fox of Life does not treat, mitigate or cure diseases. For those who are currently undergoing therapy, please seek advice from your doctor prior to signing up for our courses to access suitability.

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